Teaching Change in Higher Education Framework

How to make sense of, design for, and evaluate change!

The Teaching Change in Higher Education Framework identifies four sets of forces that can hinder or support change. Each initiative, large or small, is influenced by hindering and supporting forces causing success to be uneven. Recognizing specific forces improves initiative design, shapes meaningful stakeholder engagement, and focuses efforts to implement and evidence.

Catalysts such as institutional initiatives, national association requirements, departmental approaches, educational development, and individual reflection can be leveraged to shift identified forces towards enabling change.

  • Attend a conference session: ISSOTL (2019), CES (2019), POD (2019), University of Waterloo’s EDC (2022)
  • Sign up for early alert for webinars on the Teaching Change Framework 
  • Watch the 4-minute interview with Carolyn (in 2020)
  • Teaching Change Handout and 2022 Slides
  • Book a consultation by emailing carolyn(at)hedbeyond.ca
  • Identified leverage catalysts for a stuck project
  • Named factors that stalled past projects to inform future projects
  • Identified stakeholders to talk to
  • Provided context when evidencing an initiative