We Go Beyond.

Beyond walls, to connect across sectors, professions, and institutions.

Beyond headlines, to seek insights for creating practical paths forward.

Beyond solutions, to facilitate relevant, effective, and engaged decisions and processes.


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It’s Possible

Our collaborative approach with national associations, provincial associations and institutions begins with an initial conversation into goals and what is possible, and evolves through personalized engagement to transform their ideas into clear paths and goals into informed initiatives that lay the groundwork for ongoing success.

When Change is Daunting and Exciting

Challenge and Opportunity:

One day a request lands, a new direction is funded, or the status quo is no longer sustainable.

The change opens possibilities yet feels daunting. The impetus is there but the path is mired, so the item sits each month on the agenda and on the side of our desks.

What if you could talk through your options?

Connect, talk through the challenge and discover your next step in an initial phone call or Zoom conversation.

What if you could work with experienced professionals?

Our networks span Canada and beyond, we can work with you to create the team you need. They collaborate and work with, gather and distil multiple perspectives, provide insight needed for making decisions, raise thoughtful questions to untangle the challenges, and identify key options to unlock the next step. All with experience and a collaborative approach.

You can go beyond where you thought possible!

Achieve implementation of strategies, programs, and evaluation plans. Attain greater transparency, stronger approval, greater member engagement, improved credibility, and higher standing in the eyes of others; we work with you to design for your goals.

It’s possible and, more importantly, you are ready to move beyond.

Upcoming Sessions

Going Remote with Experiential Learning: A Practical Outcome-based Approach

May 13, 2020  (CERIC Free Webinar)

A practical session in a time of remote experiential learning. Identify priority outcomes, and design options.


Intro to Talking Stats

Thursday, June 25th

(8:00-11:00 PDT; 9:00 – 12:00 MDT; 11:00-2:00 EDT; 12:00-3:00 ADT)

3- hour session

Let’s talk stats. Feeling uncertain when you hear those words? This session is for you. We outline and practice key questions that professionals, leaders, and stakeholders can use to request and confirm planned analyses and discuss results. This session provides insight into the purpose of statistics, what it can and cannot tell us, and the key features for creating an aligned design. It also helps explain why changing the wording on a question gets your stats person worried.


Learn about the variety of sessions we offer >

Meet Our Team

For each project, we identify the skills and people who will best create success for your initiative and your context.

Clearer paths and better decision-making are just around the corner.

Launching a new initiative? Balancing differing opinions? Asked to demonstrate effectiveness or value?