We Go Beyond.

Beyond walls to connect across sectors, professions, and institutions.

Beyond headlines to seek insights for creating practical paths forward.

Beyond solutions to facilitate relevant, effective and engaged decisions and processes.

Upcoming Sessions

Higher Education and Beyond Webinars are designed to be professional engaged learning spaces with interaction and questions. They are not recorded. A summary slide is provided to attendees.

Strategic Change in Higher Education: Naming Forces That Hinder and Support Change

50-minute Webinar

Change in higher education is messy and often uneven in its success. Four sets of forces have been identified that hinder or support changes in teaching and learning. This session outlines how to name the forces affecting an initiative and how to design for change. 

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Evaluating Change in Higher Education

50-minute Webinar

Evaluating and evidencing in higher education is challenging as change is often messy and success uneven. This session outlines how to plan evaluations to assess key shifts in identified forces that may hinder or support change.

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The Basics of Talking Stats

1 hour Webinar
Spring 2020 (date pending)

Let’s talk stats. Feeling uncertainty when you hear those words? This session is for you. We outline and practice key questions that professionals, leaders, and stakeholders can use to request and confirm planned analyses and discuss results. Feeling joy at the thought of statistics? This session’s questions support analysts, evaluators, and others who use statistics frequently to clarify expectations with stakeholders.

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Higher Education & Beyond Team

Experienced qualified professionals work with you to meaningfully identify needs and vision for your context to create opportunities and processes that are relevant, useful and focused.

Carolyn Hoessler, Ph.D., C.E.

I help people discover better ways to discuss, create, and assess decisions.

Senior Specialist, Founder of Higher Education & Beyond.

Experienced facilitator, credentialed evaluator and consultant, Carolyn works with academic and association leaders to navigate and untangle curriculum design, evaluation and change. Drawing on a combination of skilled facilitation of diverse groups, respect for human-scaled timelines, and advanced yet approachable deep insight into quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method analysis and reporting to further change, Carolyn engages people in decision-making, assess contribution, and evidence value.

  • “Relevant”, “engaging”, “effective”, “quick” and even “fun”! is what faculty say about process and decision-making meetings I facilitate.
  • Patient, helpful guidance through university processes I co-navigate.
  • Professionals find themselves “enjoying” the learning, even statistics,  in workshops I offer.

Better Launches, Better Decisions, Better Reporting

Focused Launch

New initiatives spark exciting potential for change. To create conditions for successful launches, identifying supportive and hindering forces in your context are key.

Welcomed Decisions

Focused facilitation, clear processes, and intentional principle and data development shift ongoing arguments into engaged constructive decision-making.

Relevant Reporting

Relevant and efficient gathering and reporting provides timely valued information for decision-makers. Co-construct criteria and expectations for even better engagement


Launching a new initiative? Balancing differing opinions? Asked to demonstrate effectiveness or value?  Email to connect! Clearer paths, better decision-making and reporting are just around the corner.