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New Curriculum Design

CAFE Youth Inspired Leadership Program

Collaboratively working with the national team to develop a new leadership program.

Details, views, and impressions in portions of this case study were provided by the Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions (CAFE).

The New Initiative

In launching a new youth program, we searched for candidates to help develop the curriculum portion. Working with Carolyn enabled us to create a sustainable convention program for youth in the Canadian Fair Industry. This was a new venture for our organization to welcome a group of youth to the convention and provide them with a separate experience. Carolyn helped us to create a program that we could easily transfer to volunteer facilitators, if needed, because of the detailed lesson plan that was developed over our time together.


Their Experience

The step-by-step approach to curriculum design was a great help especially to Holly who was new to a project like this. It allowed us the chance to assess important program competencies, create a program outline, determine the timing, and fill in pieces of the program. It was great to see the program come together at a manageable pace which allowed us to make changes as our needs or ideas changed.

Carolyn was a pleasure to work with and always came to each meeting with a positive attitude and ready to work. Carolyn allowed us to choose what we wanted to focus on during our calls. We felt comfortable discussing our ideas with Carolyn and she helped us to understand what was reasonable for the time available and the size of the group we were working with. She also helped us to create realistic working goals between meetings.


The Impact

The 4MAT system was a benefit to the program. Some participants stated that they enjoyed how the program was designed to offer some theory and opportunity for our youth to work together to complete activities. The Youth Inspired! participants seemed to enjoy the program and did provide some feedback to help for next year. We will ask for more feedback before this cohort completes the program at the end of March. Informal feedback from board and the members has been extremely positive, what they have heard about the program and what they have seen has exceeded their expectations.

Digital Credentials

Ontario University Registrars’ Association

Carolyn manages to be both directive and inquisitive, lending the right balance of support that OURA needed in our desire to formalize guidelines for our digital credential initiative. Spending just a few hours of our time, Carolyn was able to guide us through the decisions and considerations to not only create guidelines, but consider how it would be operationalized. She sourced third party material and asked us questions we hadn’t had time to consider before we started this undertaking. Work that would have taken our volunteer executives months to complete was ready for circulation in a few weeks.

—Robyn Parr, President, Ontario University Registrars’ Association, Toronto, ON